Yes. There are a couple of settings inside the iPad to limit access to the iPad.

Guided Access

If you want to lock a user in a single app, so that they can't access other apps without entering a PIN, go to settings > general > accessibility > Guided access & turn guided access on. Then tap on Passcode Settings. Enter a PIN (it is very important you have a note of this, especially if the iPad is shared between multiple people or belongs to a service).

Leave the iPad settings and enter the app you'd like to keep the iPad locked to.

Triple tap the home button on the front of the iPad or iPhone.

To leave this app you'll need to, again, triple tap the home button on the front of the iPad, then you'll need to enter your PIN to confirm that you're leaving the app.

You can find out more about Guided Access by clicking here.


You can also limit individual sections of the iPad, including internet browsers, camera, the option to install or delete apps. You can turn restrictions on by going into iPad settings > general > restricitions. Select enable restrictions then set a PIN (make a note of this). Slide the features you want to restrict to off, then leave settings.

To enable a feature again, go back to settings > general > restrictions. Enter your PIN, then tap Disable Restrictions

More information on restrictions is available if you click here.